fast way to get on level 100 on ourworld

Posted: December 3, 2010 in updates

there are alot of ways to get to level 100 on ourworld but I would use these:

-the daily cheat:type in test-mode 42 and then type in cryptobiologist (they will give you from 7-70 flow)
-play the games that you like the most and play alot
-play challenges that offer you flow
-talk and do jobs on ourworld
-do moves like every 10 minutes

in order to level up you need flow and those are some of the many ways you can get fast flow

  1. LOLeePOP says:

    i do that all the time ^_~

  2. costrcm says:

    what the that is so cool

  3. yourmustache says:

    Where do you type in test mode 42

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